Heterogeneous: Principle differences

Back when i was a kid, life was really fun. I was born in a loving family as the last kid. I did face my life just like any other kids as we didn’t have any problems. or… i can say that we didn’t have any serious problems at that time because we were simply just a kid. Moving forward, now i will soon become an adult, yet i have experienced some problems of course, as a teenager, as a new uni-student, as a new secretary in an organization, as a part of everyone-i-know’s lives. Overall what bothers me the most is when i can’t cope with people who don’t have the same vision, mision, or principles with me. I know that it is very undebatable, but don’t you think that it’s totally disturbing?

Life when i was in high school is totally different than now. In high school i have never (well, almost never) found this kind of problem. Almost every one of us never debate about our principles. Maybe that was because we didn’t want to think about that yet, all we did think about are mostly how to have some fun and how to skip classes. And now? Uni-life is totally different. people here are more heterogeneous and because i study in faculty of  humanities, the more critical how a man thinks, the better.

Heterogeneous is good, i admit. It will make us more open-minded, and broad-minded indeed in theory. But the fact according to what i have experienced, it has driven some people crazy. and i? now, it has made me stronger stick on what i believe is right. and sometimes it really annoys me, when i have to debate with my friends who have different principles. Like the content of initiation should be changed or not, until those topics which are really vulnerable to be debated, and actually undebatable like religion.

In the end we can  (well, i can) do nothing about this, because we have our own right to believe on what we want to believe. So, yes that’s it. I don’t know if i made a good statement or ot, but i think we can do nothing about heterogeneous, it’s a thing that has already there in universe, and somehow i believe it is what makes us never be united, and it is what will make us never be united.


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