a place to stay


if someone asks me ‘what is the best thing that you ever think about?’ then i would probably answer ‘my childhood’.

childhood, as far as i can remember everything was so beautiful. i remember the first day i went to the kindergarten, my parents had to work. mom went to school because she was and still a teacher, and my father went to work at a bank. that first day, my mom drove me to school and left me. i didn’t know what to do so i started crying. and i barely remember what happened next.

when we were a kid, i mean a normal kid, everything was so ‘just like that’. like it is what it is. we imitated people. we did bad things then our mom told us ‘don’t do that again’. but we were just a kid, so we were mad at our mom. because we didn’t know what is bad and what is good at that time. everything was all white. we didn’t know that we were small. we thought we got the world in our hands. we thought that we were powerful. we sneaked out into our mom’s room and tried all the woman stuffs. put the lipstick on our lips. thought that we were an adult. we had our 6th birthday party. ate everything we wanted to eat. but as time went by, we grew up. we became a new young-teenager. we went into junior high school. we met our first boyfriend. we faced a new world, we finally knew what relationship really is. we knew what happiness really is. and then we broke up our first boyfriend. so we knew what sadness really is. we knew how to be in a play. we met our best friend and best friends. we went to the canteen with them. we had a problem with our senior. then we know that life is not all white, life is black and white. there’s the good guys and bad guys. then we knew how to hate yet we knew how to love. then we grew up. then we lived in teenage-life. high-school. boyfriend or girlfriend. when we were 16 we couldn’t wait to reach 17. when the time came, we had our sweet-17 party. once again, we took over the world. we tried so hard to impress everyone in school so we could have a lot of friends. we didn’t care about biology class. life was so crazy that’s why we loved it to death.

8 days remaining. soon i am leaving 17. and i feel like time goes so fast. where did the time go? i am getting older. not a little princess in the family anymore, i realized i have a lot of responsibilities brought all by myself. ready or not, i’m going to face the real world.

at the time like this life is about to chose. not imitating anymore. we have to choose which path will we take. which line will we stand on, black, white, or grey. who will we stand for. and so on.

time gives us space to metamorphose therefore we should utilize it, because we can’t slow down. take time, and enjoy it.

i can’t tell you how scary it is. but it is what it is. we can’t avoid the future. ready or not it’s coming. we have to deal with it. so, if we have a spare time, don’t forget to remember our childhood. cause it’s the only way to go back home.


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