after exam

so, the national exam has just over last thursday, with biology as the closure. maths, physics, are the hardest for me. but in my opinion all the subjects that were included in the exam were really hard. i’m not lying. even Bahasa Indonesia and English are difficult. i just wish i could pass the exam.

weeell, after i had finished the exam, i straightly went to Depok Mall with (almost) all my class mates. there was a new haunted house there. we had been arranging time to go there together. as we arrived at haunted house, boom! people everywhere. it really was crowded. we queued for almost 45 minutes. we were divided into two groups. and i was in group two which consisted of 11 people.

there was really dark. even i used my glasses, i barely saw everything. we walked from room to room. i held my friend’s hands. i can’t tell ya how scary it was. unfortunately we can’t take picture inside the haunted house (if i’m not mistaken), even if it is allowed i don’t want to do it either. i was too scared.

in the end of the journey, we successfully get out of that haunted house. end he had photograph with a ghost (not a real ghost) outside. Image


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