we human live on one earth. there are zillion of people on earth. some of them are blessed with gifts. good voice, ability in acting, catwalk, or even maybe six sense and magic.

earth has been spinning for million years. yet still, not all of people on this earth realized that ‘all people on this earth are blessed with a very special gift which no other civilians in other planets have. it is smile.

(coldplay – God put a smile upon your face)

a very special gift from God.

believe or not, it is magical. all people are blessed with smile, but some of them couldn’t use it.

imagine how a single smile could represent a sentence like “i’m very proud of you” from a parent to his son/daughter. indirectly, a smile can be an efficient way to do something like showing affection. or in any other case, let’s say A is a stutter. it would be such a hard work to say “thank you for taking me go around this city and show me some good places and delicious foods and also finding me a nice place to stay for several weeks” for them. so instead of using orang utan language like “uh uh ah ah” plus he has to put some gesture in delivering it, it would be so much simple if he just do smile and bow a little bit.


i don’t know how many smiles that could be counted in every second in this world. because smile is like our tradition as human, and we do it almost everyday. People across cultures understand the value of a smile and other facial expressions that point toward the emotion we call “being happy” or happiness. And we know that smiling itself can help increase positive, pro-social behaviors.

and this is my own research about smiling face. (i know, it’s not guaranteed! haha). based on Ms. Tyara Putri’s research, there are many kind of smile. yet there are some smiles which we can find the differences easily. so, here they are:

  this man is showing us the smile of happiness.





this is the smile of showing pride.




this is the smile of showing someone’s trust.




  these are smiles which showing us gratefulness.




  and this man is showing us the smile of confidence.






call me smartass. but seriously there are lost of smile in this world. and each smile has its own message. but actually they’re all the same, sending positive energy.


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