i’m stuck with all my laziness-es at home. now it’s 7:09 a.m., i know, i supposed to be at school right now. but..

well, actually my exam paper week has passed. it was last week, and this week? we just have to go to school and they(teachers) will count our attendance everyday during the week, the one who comes everyday will get good mark on report book, right at the attendance marking space exactly. but, no class at all during this week, makes me hardly to reach there. so what will we do there? just wait, and if the teacher call us, then it means that we have a/lot-of problem/s with our grade, makes me twice hardly to get there.

but, what makes students still want to get there is, there is class meeting! it’s the activity every after semester exam week. yes it also close the semester! and since last tuesday, it has been started. the now class meeting are soccer for boys, and soccer for girls. and right at 8:30 am, my team will be on school field to beat another class. and i’m still at home! what a worst friend!

well, i think i will just take a shower right now!



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