Get Back to Life & Recommendation

heyyo! i’m back from the hellish world called “school”. yeah i had been through my mid-term test week. it was held for 5 days, started on Monday and finished today, on Friday with math test as the closure. and now i am very proud to say that “i made it, my friends! yes, i made it!” even though i don’t know the result ‘yet’ but at least now i’m feeling a little bit free because those hard days are now just the past. i was very tense back then, but now i’m feeling so joyful. i can see there’s a smile on my face again 🙂

for 5 days we could go home sooner, but in the end we have to be prepared for the subject that will be tested on the next day. no nap time. well, if i picture it out, the circulation will be like this:

arrived home at noon – lunch – take a rest for a while – study – dinner – take a rest again – study ’till 11  – sleep ’till morning – wake up – refresh what i studied last night – go to school

and sometimes if i didn’t have enough time to study at night because i was too tired having an English course, i would wake up at 3 am to study.

Fortunately, i am a naughty student, so i wasn’t very stressful through this week. remember i told you that i brought some novels last Sunday? one of them is ‘9 summers 10 autumns’. sometimes if i wasn’t in the mood to study, i read it. and it doesn’t mean that it didn’t distract me. in fact it did. even an encouraging novel like ‘9 summers 10 autumns’ should’ve been grounded. but, Thank God that novel is exist so it could throw away my boredom.

By the way, 9 summer 10 autumns is a very great book! i truly recommend it for you! in my opinion, it’s more than just a novel or a book, it’s an inspiration.

9 summers 10 autumns

9 summers 10 autumns (Dari Kota Apel ke The Big Apple) was written by Iwan Setyawan who is also the ‘main character’ in this novel. He was inspired by his own life story. and it is seriously encouraging. Iwan Setyawan who was born in Batu, December 2nd 1947, was a son of angkot driver. had successfully finished his school at MIPA IPB in 1997 as the best graduate. and as life brought him, he became a Director of a company in New York City! NYC!! but, it wasn’t as easy as eating marshmallow, it was all because of his hard work, his passion to cover his family condition, the warmth of his family and his home.

as a student, i learned a lot from his book, i can feel the message from that book. i feel it..

and once again, i truly recommend it! especially for you, teenagers and students. and anyway, today is hari sumpah pemuda, so why don’t we start from a tiny thing to rise up? i think, reading this novel could be one of our actions in order to risen up our country. well, this novel is about education, dream, and the passion to rise up, so we can (maybe) follow his path to study hard, so that we can make the education in our country (Indonesia) better, right?

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.#

Goals# Freedom # Power – Dostoevsky


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