the day before midterm-test week

now, it’s 2:02 pm in Depok, Indonesia. Today is Sunday, and it’s still weekend, isn’t it? but, Despite the fact that today, Sunday 23 of October, the day which supposed to be a family day, when everybody usually go to the supermarket, Department store, cafe, restaurant, or anywhere, probably some or almost every students from my high school is now having a date with their history book, or math, or chemistry, or any subject else. yes, almost.

here i am, in front of my Laptop, fighting with my angel sided feeling. it told me to grab my history book and start studying. but please, give me a short(read: long) break before i open that litle monster.

i’ve just arrived home. this morning i woke up at 6.30 am. i went to a market with my bicycle to buy some plastics for my mom. and then i had my breakfast while reading a novel. and finally i made it! i finished reading that novel right before 10 o’clock. and then i had an appointment with a dentist at 10.30 am. then i went straight to Gramedia book store. and fuala! i’ve just arrived home!

i made it! i finished read Refrain book this morning, so in the evening i could study in peace without a passion to open that novel again and again. but, i went to gramedia to accompany my mom and universe let me meet these two wonderful-covered and cool-titled novels. so i bought it *sigh*. well, let me introduce you my new companions.

9 summers 10 autumns

it’s a story about a angkot driver’s son from Batu City who became a director in New York City. i can’t tell you the synopsis because i haven’t read it yet.

and the second one:

Life Traveler

Lately i really want to read a novel about traveling. and Thank God i found this 😀

anyway, just wish me luck for the mid-term test week!


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