it’s a friendship

it was a friday night. me and my best friend were watching “something borrowed” at my house. yes, we sometimes will do a movie marathon when we get bored. but that’s not the point.

when we were watching that movie, she suddenly asked me “how can a very two different people become best friends?”. me, who was focus on that film suddenly distracted by her question.

just don’t want to make you confused, here’s why did my best friend ask me that question.

the film is talking about the Friendships between Rachel and Darcy which are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex, her best friend Darcy’s fiancé. well, Rachel is typical of person who is very patient (always think before talk), polite and hardly say bad words,  she would give all hers to her dearest friend Darcy if she want, while Darcy is a typical of person that likes to say anything that crosses her mind, i can say that she is sometimes very impolite.

“for example, A likes to hang out, but B is a typical of person that would rather stay at home if he/she doesn’t have any important things to do. can they keep that friendship? will their friendship work?” she continued her question. but waittt!! are you talking about us? i thought.

maybe she didn’t realize at that time. or maybe she still haven’t realized about what she said. she, likes to hang out. me, would rather stay at home if i don’t have any important things to do. well, but i still like to hang out even not as crazy as her. but when i think about it once again, is it important for us to have everything-is-totally-the-same-best friend?  we can work on our friendship easier, i know. but how? can we stand if our friends date the one that we love because we are just simply the same?

well, totally different personalities or totally similar personalities are not that matter. what matter the most is can we keep that friendship strong? and how? me and my best friend, even if she didn’t realize it, we are almost totally different. but we can handle those differences so we can keep our friendship strong from more than five years ago ’till now.

just like what i read from the back of novel refrain  by Winna Efendi.

there is no perfect friendship in this world. it’s just those people who try as hard as they can to keep their friendships.

Darcy (left) & Rachel (right)

Something Borrowed: Darcy (left) & Rachel (right)


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